MCS Friends Mission Statement:

  1. Provide social support and helpful information about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities)
  2. Educate others about MCS
  3. Help people find ways to cope with the problems caused by MCS

Services available to the MCS public:

Services available to our members:

  • Enjoy our weekly support group conference calls.
    We cover your questions, share experience and socialize.
  • Suggest special speakers or topics for the conference calls and receive notification of special meetings.
  • Get our quarterly newsletter by email or postal mail.
  • Network with other members for support, information, and friendship.

MCS Friends Support and Information Calls

Support calls are held every Sunday and Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. We discuss topics raised by participants, have special guests, or just chat. Topics range from how to cope emotionally with MCS to how to solve practical problems. Join MCS Friends in advance to participate.

Our last special guest was Albert Donnay of MCS Referral & Resources (mcsrr.org).  Albert talked about “Do-it-yourself screening, testing and detox of Multi-Sensory Sensitivity, the hallmark of MCS, CFS, and FM cases caused by chronic carbon monoxide poisoning.”

MCS Friends Public Conference Calls

We hosted a public conference about Housing for MCS people on Tuesday June 21st, 2016. To listen to the recording of this call, dial 712-770-4019 access code 735-129# reference number 2#.

We had a presentation about buying land in Canada, by someone who is looking for a land buying partner, or intentional neighbor in Canada.

There was a presentation about yurts as MCS housing by someone looking for land or community in Montana.

We also had a section on how to find safer housing, including a list of current housing ad venues.

We then had an update from the Canary Housing Cooperative in New York State.  http://canaryhousingcooperative.org

If you have a housing project or concept you would like to share about on a future conference, please contact us.

MCS Friends hosted a public conference call May 17th, 2016 on the topic of applying for Social Security Disability. We had presentations by staff members of Allsup who are aware of MCS. They spoke for about 25 minutes and then took questions from the audience. One of our members recently was successful in applying for SSD, but choose not share details.

To listen to the recording of this conference dial 712-770-4019 access code 735-129. It is reference #1.

Here are some links to background information on Allsup’s website:

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If you are able to use a computer, the best way to join MCS Friends is to fill out our online membership form.  Otherwise, you can download our printable membership form, fill it out, and mail it in.  If you are unable to join online or by mail, call (248) 301-2283 to join by phone.

Members will be given our weekly support call access information and receive periodic newsletters. The web edition of the fall newsletter is available.

An annual donation is suggested but not required. Please donate!


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