Index of Recorded Housing Initiatives Conference Calls

June 21st, 2016.

To listen to the recording of this call, dial 712-770-4019 access code 735-129# reference number 2#.

We had a presentation about buying land in Canada, by someone who is looking for a land buying partner, or intentional neighbor in Canada.

There was a presentation about yurts as MCS housing by someone looking for land or community in Montana.

We also had a section on how to find safer housing, including a list of current housing ad venues.

We then had an update from the Canary Housing Cooperative in New York State. http://canaryhousingcooperative.org


Winter 2015 Call, Reference Number 8

The Tuesday, January 12 call focused on for-profit MCS housing. We had two presenters who shared lessons learned about safe housing projects for people with MCS, mold and EMF sensitivities.

Robert Damiano spoke about South Beach Island Resorts, six environmental condos on the Florida coast. There may be openings in April. Robert also has a housing project in Revere, Mass. with no openings.

Merrel H. spoke about The Inn of Regina Caeli, ten environmental cottages south of Dallas, Texas. The large on-site hyperbaric oxygen chamber is expected to be in use by mid-summer. Medical offices and ten more cottages are also planned.

We were not able to discuss The Natural Place located in Deerfield Beach, Florida as we had hoped.

At the end a member spoke up who plans to move to Canada and wants a housing project partner.


Fall 2015 Call, Reference Number 7

Our first speaker was Drew X., who is making a documentary about chemical sensitivities called The Sensitives and raised $54,000 for that project through online crowdfunding.
Christine W. gave an update on the Bozeman, MT., eco-village concept.
Karen K. gave an update on the Canary Co-op of NY, and spoke about traditional fundraising. Fundraising resources from the Onondaga County Public Library relevant to her talk can be found here and here.
Sandy F. in NY gave an update on an off-grid guest-house possibility.
Someone spoke up who has 360 acres in SD that could possibly be used for an E.I. community.

Summer 2015 Call, Reference Number 6

Christina S. spoke about forming a national foundation to build chemical and mold free housing.
Christine W. spoke about forming a Bozeman, MT., eco-villiage.

Spring 2015 Call, Reference Number 5

Jim W. of Tiny Green Cabins, a custom builder of less toxic tiny portable houses.
Jean B. spoke about Rural Development Loans, and also about getting special accommodations built into public housing
during the construction phase.
Karen K. of Canary Co-op gave an update, compiling list of NY people needing MCS housing.
Elizabeth O. of NC spoke about wanting to have housing built on her large property surrounded by forest.

My Fair Lady Musical Call, Reference Number 4


Winter 2015 Call, Reference Number 3

Sandy F. of NY, on the search for and off-grid, EMF safe guest house.
Susan M. spoke about the Ecology House apartments in San Rafael, CA. She also spoke about vacant E.I. houses in Snowflake, AZ area.
Karen K. of NY, spoke about the incorporation of Canary Co-op, for small multi-unit MCS housing co-operatives.

Fall 2014 Call, Reference Number 2

Heather P. on her experience with mold remediation, and also living on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Merrel H. on the recently completed 10 E. I. cottages 30 miles south of Dallas, TX.
Susan M. on the four cottages near Snowflake, AZ, lessons learned.
A. Hughes on an investment fund concept for raising money for E.I. housing.


Test Call, Reference Number 1

A blank test.